EF1 Filter

ray-air-filter-ef1Product Description

Our patented EF1 Filter utilizes polarized media technology enabling it to capture submicron respirable particles that can trigger allergic reactions.  The filter’s center screen design provides uniform distribution of the electrical voltage to polarize the surrounding fiberglass media. This design provides for the most economical filter media changes while still removing the smallest (submicron) particles.  The EF1 is designed for very low air flow resistance while other manufacturer’s pleated replacement air filters have significantly MORE air flow resistance, which will reduce the performance of most heating and cooling systems.

Our product does NOT generate hazardous ozone.  Other manufacturer’s significantly more expensive electronic air cleaners publish equipment ozone emission concentrations below FDA limits – however it is the buildup of ozone within your living space that should be considered. The phrase "good up high - bad nearby" has been used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make the distinction between ozone in the upper and lower atmosphere.

This filter is the “just right” solution.  NO ozone, LOW air flow restriction, HIGH performance, and ECONOMICAL operation!

What's Included?

Each Filter is supplied with:

  • 1 Electronic Filter (EF1)
  • 1 24 VDC Power Supply Cord
  • 1 initial set of fiberglass media
  • Opening Tool
  • Labels for the local installers name and contact information
  • Instructions for Operation and Maintenance, including filter media change directions


  • New, self-locking enclosure
  • Low power consumption – ~2 watts (less than a nightlight)
  • Unique filter pads
  • U.S Patented


  • Frame – 3 years
  • Power Supply – 3 years